Class Descriptions

Group Conditioning
By far the most attended workout on our schedule, this class is open to everyone, from beginners looking to get in shape or lose weight to fighters preparing to step into the ring. 
These group workouts begin with a warm-up and an orientation to explain the workout.  Training sessions focus on building strength and increasing cardio endurance.  Workouts are adjusted to accommodate individual fitness levels, injuries, or special considerations. 

These classes focus on striking techniques from a variation of martial arts disciplines, including traditional American boxing, Chinese kickboxing, Filipino boxing, and Muay Thai.  Classes begin with a warm-up of heavy bag work, shadowboxing and jump rope, followed by technical drills including focus mitts and Thai pads, clench work and take-downs.  Classes conclude with conditioning drills. 

Grappling/Catch Wrestling
These classes focus on ground fighting skills such as submissions, position control, striking on the ground and take-downs based on the American Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling tradition. Classes begin with a warm-up followed by position control and technical instruction on submissions.  Classes conclude with rolling and drills. Grapplers should bring their own protective gear, including a mouth-guard and cup.

In this class, we put it all together. Our MMA sessions blend striking and grappling from different ranges including standing, ground and clench.

Fight Team
Fighters need approval prior to attending this class and should bring protective gear, including gloves, shin guards, headgear, mouth-guard and cup.  These sparring sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm and Fridays 5:30pm - 7:30pm.   Don't forget, if you need gear, we are an affiliate of Title Boxing and MMA

Women's Kickboxing
These women-only classes are dedicated to teaching techniques applied in our boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) classes. This is not Tae-Bo or cardio kickboxing; you will receive the same instruction given to our fighters in an all female environment, including a female instructor.

Kali and Eskrima are Filipino martial arts which include stick and knife fighting as well as "dirty" boxing.  To learn more about our Kali and Eskrima classes, click here.

Men's Weightlifting
Sessions are ongoing and include powerlifting, Olympic lifts and traditional strength training programs. You will get bigger and stronger as a result of this non-cardio class.

Women's Weightlifting
Sessions including traditional strength training, weightlifting, and plyometric exercises. All classes are led by a female instructor.

First Friday Bouts
We're in the Santa Fe Art District where First Fridays are a big deal. To contribute to the festivities, we put on kickboxing, grappling and MMA bouts.  You'll even see an occasional full contact stick fight, all to entertain our neighborhood. It's always free and bouts run from 7pm-8pm. Grab a beer next door at Renegade Brewery and then come support your local fighters.

Open Gym and Open Weights
Reserved for members only, come and go as you please. Feel free to hit the weights or do a few rounds on the heavy bags. This is a great time to catch up on missed workouts or get extra practice with your gym mates.